Toshl Developer

Delete entry

Delete an entry. If entry is part of a repeat clients can set an additional GET parameter delete which dictates which entries in the repeat to delete. Possible values are:

all Deletes all entries in the repeat.
one Deletes only the sent entry.
tail Deletes the sent entry and all following.

If delete parameter is not specified the default value is all.

Some related data is updated asynchronously. Clients can set an additional GET parameter immediate_update which dictates that those values should be updated immediately in current request. Such a request may take longer to complete.

DELETE /entries/{id}

Required scope:


id *

Entry id.

* denotes required field/parameter.


$ curl \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer T9cE5asGnuyYCCqIZFoWjFHvNbvVqHjl" \


HTTP/1.1 204 No Content