Toshl Developer


How extendable is Toshl API?

In short, very. Most API endpoints allow you to set a custom JSON object in the extra field. Whatever you put in, you will get back when you fetch it later. Use it to map your users to Toshl, or use it for custom data. Whatever you put in will remain private to your app.

If I set something in the extra field, will that be available to other developers?

Whatever you put in the extra field is private to your application. It cannot be retrieved by other developers.

Can I rely on this API? What guarantees are there you won’t turn it off once my service relies on your API?

As long as Toshl is up and running, the API will be up and running. And we aren’t planing on going anywhere (except for long walks on the beach). All our apps use this API, so if we can use it - so can you.